About 365 Angels

Where technology empowers humans!

Our Angels’ mission is to make the right match between our customers’ needs and the technological capabilities of Microsoft 365. Because we are aware of the impact of new technology, we listen very carefully to your needs. We guide you through the process of analysis, making the right choices and connecting the various systems. Throughout the implementation, we familiarise your employees with the new technology. 

Why Choose Us

Always match driven. 
Your technological and communication needs always come first. That is why you always spar directly with a 365 Angel.

We know, we care, we do 
Our Angels are your guides through the possibilities of Microsoft 365. They ensure proper guidance and implementation. Without unnecessary hassle. We try to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

We take our time for you 
Only by understanding your business through and through will we achieve better results. We like to take our time for that. Only then will we take you further.

Our Mission

We make the match with care.

365 Angels helps organizations work and communicate better in a rapidly changing and unstable environment to work and communicate better by deploying the right Microsoft 365 technology.

The Angels are aware of what impact new technology has on the workplace. Therefore, they listen very carefully to the needs of the customer. They guide clients through the whole process of advice, the right match and the connection between the different systems. Throughout the implementation of the technology they guide the end users.

Who are we

Get in touch with our Angels. Call us directly from within your browser or book a meeting with us when we’re not available. Do you have an urgent challenge? Did you know you can also start sharing your screen once you have a conversation with one of our Angels? 

Sven Antonissen Chief Angel
Sven Antonissen
Chief Angel
Dirk Gullentops Business Development
Dirk Gullentops
Business Development
Jeroen Bastiaansen Chief Angel
Jeroen Bastiaansen
Chief Angel
Wim Van Baelen System Engineer
Wim Van Baelen
System Engineer
Daan Lenaerts System Architect
Daan Lenaerts
System Architect

Chief Angel
Sven Anthonissen

Chief Angel
Jeroen Bastiaansen

Creative Angel
Kathleen De Laet - Blend