Hello Teamwork

February 22, 2023

Chatting with Microsoft Teams? At 365 Angels, we know that your work is not limited to sitting at a desk with a computer. You’re constantly on the go, working in any location. In a coffee shop or at the airport, in the couch or during your commute. Yet teamwork remains an important factor in any modern organization. With Microsoft Teams, you can collaborate and communicate with your team at any time and from any location via the cloud. Each project gets its own communication channel in Teams. This way, you keep the overview and limit yourself to one topic at a time.

Chatting with Microsoft Teams? Move over, emails.

In Microsoft Teams, you can use the chat feature to quickly communicate with your colleagues. That makes for fewer emails, because in Teams, conversations are held in a structured way. You can communicate, share files, call or video chat. You no longer have to switch between windows because integration with other Microsoft products means you can find everything in chat. You can share your WordExcel or PowerPoint document with your colleagues and collaborate immediately.

Meetings in Teams

Yes, meetings can be fast and efficient, too. In Teams you can create meetings, invite participants, chat, share files and keep notes. Missed a meeting? No problem. After the meeting, the recording of the conversation is immediately available, including notes and agreed actions.

Teams on-the-go

On the road, your phone is often your most important or only device. That’s why you can install the Microsoft Teams application on your smartphone. Seamlessly switch from laptop to smartphone and vica versa? You can! Calls can easily be transferred without disturbing the flow of your meeting. Are you a bit wary of being reachable on the move? Don’t worry, you won’t be swamped by notifications. In the mobile app, you can set Quiet Hours and Quiet Days. This way you keep control over your work-life balance and avoid unnecessary stress.

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