Digital PBX? It’s possible with Microsoft teams.

February 22, 2023
In recent years, 365 Angels has become the expert in Microsoft Telephony and Teams. Discover our Digital PBX solution now.

A digital PBX? No one will have failed to notice how the use of Microsoft Teams has skyrocketed in recent months. But where mostly people talk about the collaboration capabilities and video calling, we see that another very important feature seems to be underexposed; Teams as your online PBX.

Now it is often the case that when a customer calls and wants to speak to a particular employee who is not in the office, the person who answers the phone gives the mobile (private) number of the employee to the customer. One of the disadvantages of this is that, as an organization, you cannot keep track of whether the call actually took place afterwards. Enter, the digital PBX.

Everything from one application

With Microsoft Teams as your primary PBX, you can connect customers directly through the system and track whether the call actually took place. Your current landline numbers can continue to be used and you can configure the system to your company’s needs, including choice menus and music on hold.

Digital PBX in the cloud

‘Does this mean I no longer have a physical telephone exchange in the office?’ Indeed, you move your PBX to the Microsoft Cloud. That may sound scary at first, but 365 Angels ensures that your PBX is always online, thanks to our redundant approach; using multiple Azure servers.

What’s more, it’s cost effective.

365 Angels manages your Teams environment

In recent years, 365 Angels has developed into the expert in the field of Microsoft Telephony and Teams. Especially now that ISDN has disappeared and VoIP calling has become the standard, we are convinced that Teams and Microsoft offer the best way of “old-fashioned” calling. We are there to advise you, fully set up your PBX, train your people where necessary and of course we manage the system 24/7. We keep the lines short and are ready when needed.

To help you benefit even more from the features of Microsoft Teams and Telephony, we are starting a blog. In it, we’ll give tips on how to use it and share the latest news. Would you like to stay up to date on this? Then sign up for our email list. Then you will receive the blogs directly in your Inbox.

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