How do we Work?

We believe in people embracing technology and we believe that this is exactly what makes us human. We want to help you grow your organisation. That is why we developed a four-step method to help you choose, implement and embrace the right new technology.


You have to see something to believe it. That is why we organise Customer Immersion Experience sessions during the exploration phase. Among other things, through demos and interactive guides, we immerse you in the technology options of Microsoft 365.

We extend the standard Microsoft demo sessions with a targeted selection of 3rd party applications and solutions.

Our Workshops

Our Customer Immersion Experience Sessions give a hands-on experience and provide in-depth knowledge and insights of Microsoft 365 technology.

Are you struggling to find the right application for your audience? We can assist. We have trained in how to demo Microsoft 365 and its features to your organization.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to get to know a specific applications. An interactive guide helps in gaining quick insights in the available options.

Sponsored by Microsoft. We can provide Microsoft Fasttrack workshops in which we work against the deliverables from Microsoft. 


Always think before you act. That is why, during the analysis phase, we check your readiness for the new approach on three important axes: business, human and technical. Based on this analysis, the 365 Angels propose a framework agreement for you to successfully implement the technology of your choice. Naturally, this includes a high-level planning of the implementation and the definition of the roles and responsibilities of all those involved within your and our organisation.

“Everyone needs a coach. It doesn't matter whether you're a basketball player,
a tennis player, a gymnast, or a bridge player."


Let’s do it! During the change phase, we effectively initiate the change process. We take care of the technical implementation and connection of the solutions and guide your users through the new systems.

To this end, we work with both standard and customised training courses and provide you with all the necessary documentation.

In our default archetype we deliver the required Microsoft licenses. However, you can bring your own license in your custom archetype.

Laptop as a service. We provide the laptop as a part of the archetype.  Based upon the persona, or location where the device will be used.

An archetype is a definition of the facilities that are required by a persona or location. Our default archetype contains a rich set of features.

Communication is a touchpoint between human and technology. In our default archetype we include a phone number and a meeting room.


During the growth phase of your project, we will assist you daily with coaching and technical support. For this, we call in our 365 Angels with their specific approach and their specific expertise within the Microsoft 365 technology.

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