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Let’s do it! During the change phase, we effectively initiate the change process. We take care of the technical implementation and connection of the solutions and guide your users through the new systems.

To this end, we work with both standard and customised training courses and provide you with all the necessary documentation.

365 Co's

365 Computer business is our all-in-one solution that we have build according to our vision of the digital workplace of the future. We have created a solution that includes a modern infrastructure, based upon Microsoft 365. We have build our standards so that company branding is by default activated. We have enriched it with Teams Phone and Teams Meeting Rooms, as a replacement for the PBX and traditional meeting room. And on top we encircled it with 3th party applications, such as a password management tool and a email signature application.

Our modular approach

365 Communications

A phone number and voice calling is by default activated in our standardized archetypes, thanks to 365 communications.

365 Connectivity

We provide network equipment such as firewalls, routers, switches and Session Border Controllers as a service.

365 Computer

With 365 Computer, you have access to your Microsoft 365 account anytime, anywhere, without the hassle of installations or hardware maintenance.

365 Collaborations

Frame agreements and meeting Rooms facilitate collaboration between each other.

365 Convenience

Getting insights on customer contacts when a customer reaches out is key in facilitating a better Customer Experience.

Our 365 Archetype


In our default archetype we deliver the required Microsoft licenses. However, you can bring your own license in your custom archetype.

Laptop included

Laptop as a service. We provide the laptop as a part of the archetype.  Based upon the persona, or location where the device will be used.

Phone number included

Communication is a touchpoint between human and technology. In our default archetype we include a phone number and voice calls.

Teams meeting room included

Start collaborating from a standardized end user experience.

Identity Management included

In our default archetype we also include the management of the identity. Joiners, leavers and changers, have their processes automated.

Password Tool Included

Security starts with generating complex passwords, storing them in a central location and safe sharing with people.

With Respect For Company Branding

Business templates are organized in a central location. Emails are enriched with a centralized solution.

Support included

Submit your questions to our Angels through our help portals, live chat, by phone, email or teams. 

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An archetype is a definition for all facilities that a persona needs.

E.G. a laptop with these specifications, a noise cancelling headset, an ergonomic mouse and a Microsoft Business Premium license.

A persona is a grouping of functional requirements towards a group of people or locations in an organization.

Yes you can, we work with standardized archetypes, however these archetypes can be adjusted with existing devices according to your existing footprint.

Yes you can, licenses can be purchased from other parties. However we will not be able to add an automated process for license assignment.

An end user experience is most often used in a meeting room context and explains the way we would like to offer functionalities towards the end user. 

E.G. a user walks into the meeting room and want to share its screen. How do we handle this and explain this towards the end user?

Yes you can, however there are some things that we need to know before starting with 365 Workplace. 

We would suggest starting our analyse phase in order to onboard the 365 workplace solution

Yes you can, we have build our solutions in a modular approach. Every building block of the 365 Computer can be purchased separately. Please book a meeting with us to discuss the best way forward.

It depends on how you expect your end users to be supported. An IT department has in depth experience with your business processes and requirements. 

We enrich the IT department with knowledge and experience around Microsoft 365 where the IT department can also come to us with their challenges.

We can assist you in taking the next step.

Would you like to schedule an informal Microsoft Teams session with us? Please fill in your details below and choose a time, the Teams Meeting will then be directly scheduled in both our calendars.