Why Microsoft Teams? That’s Why!

February 22, 2023
Why Microsoft Teams? Or just Skype Business, Slack...? Do you too see the forest for the trees? 365 Angels to the rescue! Basically, the above

Why Microsoft Teams? Or just Skype Business, Slack…? Do you too see the forest for the trees? 365 Angels to the rescue! Basically, the above products are all chat services that improve team collaboration by providing fast and mobile communication. Microsoft Teams is the most comprehensive service and can do more than anything Slack and Skype can do.

The big advantage over other services is that Teams works extremely well with other Microsoft Office 365 programs such as Word, Powerpoint and Excel, as well as SharePoint, for example. Exchanging files from one interface thus becomes very easy. Microsoft also continues to innovate continuously. Every year, new features are released that make teamwork even easier. There are announcement functions in the pipeline that report important news such as the results of a campaign or the announcement of a new project. The constant optimization of Teams allows you to personalize the platform more and more. You can connect CRM systems, add external apps such as Trello or set up notifications for Twitter.

This is how you create your ideal online work environment!

Call, chat, meet, share with 1 platform. Thanks to 365 Angels, all your communication is now on 1 platform. Switch effortlessly from telephone call to video call or chat, share documents and edit them in real time. No fuss or complicated procedures, but straightforward and easy for every employee.

Why Microsoft Teams? Hopefully now you have the answer. More than 19 million people in 181 countries choose Microsoft Teams every week. Does it seem useful for your business? Contact us now and we’ll make it happen!

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