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It is the mission and passion of our Angels to make the right match between your needs and the many technological possibilities of Microsoft 365. We know the impact of new technology on the shop floor and therefore listen first and foremost to your bottlenecks.

Who are we​

As 365 Angels, we believe that organisations can fundamentally grow in terms of communication, work processes and efficiency if they combine the right technological choices with a thoughtful human approach.

365 Angels. Where technology empowers humans!

Our Angels’ mission is to make the right match between our customers’ needs and the technological capabilities of Microsoft 365. Because we are aware of the impact of new technology, we listen very carefully to your needs. We guide you through the process of analysis, making the right choices and connecting the various systems. Throughout the implementation, we familiarise your employees with the new technology.

How do we work



You have to see something to believe it. That is why we organise Customer Immersion Experience sessions during the exploration phase. Including demos and interactive guides, we immerse you in the technology options of Microsoft 365.



Always think before you act. That is why, during the analysis phase, we check your readiness for the new approach on three important axes: business, human and technical. Based on this analysis, the 365 Angels propose a framework agreement for you to successfully implement the technology of your choice.


Let’s do it! During the change phase, we effectively initiate the change process. We take care of the technical implementation and connection of the solutions and guide your users through the new systems.


During the growth phase of your project, we will assist you daily with coaching and technical support. For this, we call in our 365 Angels with their specific approach and their specific expertise within the Microsoft 365 technology.

Some features

Seeing is believing, we have build our Customer Immersion Experiences according to the features of Microsoft 365 and enriched them with 3th party applications. 

Working is more efficient when the goals are clear. During our Business Readiness track, we will create frame agreements and match them upon archetypes and persona.

Our 365 computer solutions contains a standardized solution which is adapted to your organization. Enriched with our selected 3th party applications, we deliver a secure, stable and modern digital workplace.

How to contact us

Hey Gen Z, we also have a phone number on which you can reach us. Don’t hesitate to call us.

Mail is a way of communicating that is found easy by all generations. Reach us via email.

Oh right, we are also reachable via a simple booking, directly in our agenda. Don’t hesitate to book a meeting.

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